What is the difference between Sheep Placenta and Deer Placenta?
Deer is considered to be a higher order animal. Regain Health Deer Placenta contains a special blend of premium beneficial ingredients.
Whilst the Regain Health Sheep Placenta contains a blend of sheep placenta with grape seed oil and extract.
Both products are encapsulated using advanced technology in New Zealand.

Does each capsule contain 10,000mg of deer placenta?
Yes, each capsules contains concentrated deer placenta extract that is equivalent to 10,000mg of fresh deer placenta. 

Are your products Halal?
Yes! All of our products use Halal ingredients.

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All prices listed are in NZD (unless otherwise stated). 

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How long does it take to receive my order?
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What is your return policy?
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What countries do you ship to? 
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