Deer Placenta vs Sheep Placenta: What is the difference?

Deer Placenta vs Sheep Placenta: What is the difference?

Common questions people often ask me are: What is the difference between sheep placenta and deer placenta? Which one is better? To answer these questions, you need to consider several factors. Hopefully this article will help to answer these questions and help you decide which placenta supplement is best for you.

In Chinese medicine and Taoist tonic herbal system that has used animal placenta for centuries, the deer placenta and sheep placenta along with the human placenta are considered as the primary Jing herbs. Jing is believed to be a finite and precious material that is inherited at birth from your parents. Over time, your Jing depletes from toxins. Therefore, consuming placenta is vital to rejuvenating your Jing. The deer is believed to be a higher order animal; hence the placenta from deer is considered as more valuable than placenta from sheep.

Another key factor that differentiates deer and sheep placenta is availability of the two. There is an extremely limited supply of deer placenta. Most sought after deer placenta comes from red deer farmed in New Zealand and Australia. There are only a handful of deer farms in New Zealand and Australia that supply placenta to the health supplements industry. Whereas the supply of sheep placenta is not so much of an issue as there are abundant sheep farms throughout New Zealand and Australia. The supply of sheep and deer placenta is seasonal. Therefore, a bad season, due to weather events could lead to a severe shortage of deer placenta in particular as it is already in such high demand.

The higher importance of deer placenta in the Chinese medicine and the limited availability means the deer placenta has a higher cost associated with it and is often seen as the more premium product. To add to its ‘premium’ status, often the deer placenta dietary supplements contain more expensive and higher quality ingredients as would be expected from a premium product. The deer placenta products are also targeted at both male and female consumers with broad health benefits. Whereas the sheep placenta is often targeted towards women to promote skin health.

One great example of a premium deer placenta product is Regain Health Deer Placenta 10,000mg. It contains high quality premium ingredients encapsulated in New Zealand. See product information below.

Regain Health Deer Placenta supplement product with Formulation

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